Casa Marrone Wines

Casa Marrone is more than a wine. It’s a piece of Italy. In our wines, we have tried to capture the essence of Italy through organic grapes from sun-drenched vineyards. Enjoy the full and rich flavors - sealed by hand with our signature spago method. Welcome to Casa Marrone.

Casa Marrone Appassimento

Bio Vegan

A rich Appassimento. Our signature wine!

Casa Marrone Gran Marrone Appassimento

Bio Vegan

Our prestigious "Gran Marrone" Appassimento.

Casa Marrone Primitivo

Bio Vegan

The perfect wine for any occasion or company

Casa Marrone Pinot Grigio DOC

Bio Vegan

Our crisp Pinot Grigio - a favourite!

Casa Marrone Appassimento Bianco

Bio Vegan

Experience the sunripe character of a white appassimento