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Casa Marrone Appassimento

Our signature wine! A generous and flavorful red Appassimento wine made from grapes picked by hand which has dried under the Italian sun before harvest. A process that gives the wine its popular concentration. Before arriving in your glass, the wine is sealed by hand with the traditional spago. "Spago” means string in Italian. The technique dates back to the time when it was used to hold the cork in place.

The wine offers a full-bodied and concentrated, yet smooth and pleasant red wine with hints of cherries, dark plums, spices, vanilla, and milk chocolate. Flavors from Appassimento grapes in harmony with oak result in the powerful and intense character of Casa Marrone Appassimento.

All wines from Casa Marrone are made with organic grapes.

Welcome to Casa Marrone!


Food Pairing

The wine goes well with seasonal grilled meat, home-made pasta fresco, Italian charcutier or enjoy a glass just as it is, or why not with a piece of parmesan. Thanks to its rich and soft flavor, Casa Marrone Appassimento will add an Italian touch to most dishes and moments.

How we made this wine

Just outside the historical trulli houses of white stone and neighbor with the Adriatic sea, you will find our vineyards. The grapes enjoy a long and warm summer, cooled by soft sea breezes. Under clear skies, it is easy to grow wine grapes with organic methods, keeping the soil healthy and alive.

As mornings turn slightly cooler in the middle of September, the grapes have reached their perfect ripeness. Now, it is time to begin the 'Appassimento' process. Consequently, the grapes are left to dry on the vine for two weeks under the Italian sun before they are picked by hand. During this time, they acquire aromas of dried fruit and lose around half of their weight. Resulting in a rich wine with an intense flavor.

When arriving at the winery, the grapes will ferment to a finished wine and then spend some time in oak. This will make the wine smoother and add aromas of vanilla, cocoa beans, and spice.

Casa Marrone Appassimento is made of grape varieties native to Italy. The exact proportion of each grape variety will vary from one year to another, depending on the weather during growing season.

  • Region of OriginPuglia, Italy
  • Vintage2022
  • Alcohol %14,5%
  • Sugar0,9 g/100ml
  • Size750ml