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Casa Marrone Primitivo

A powerful Primitivo in a bag-in-box offering a generous red wine made of sun-ripened Primitivo grapes from Puglia in south of Italy. The favorable climate gives the characteristic fullness and the richness of the taste that has made Primitivo an obvious choice for many.

Casa Marrone Primitivo is red full-bodied wine with an oak character and fruity aromas of plum, dark cherries, vanilla, and milk chocolate. As it is generous in both taste and size, there will be wine for everyone in your casa.

All wines from Casa Marrone are made with organic grapes.

Welcome to Casa Marrone!

Food Pairing

This Primitivo can be enjoyed with home-made pizza, lasagna, Bolognese, barbecue, and all kinds of meat. If you’d like to, try to pour Casa Marrone Primitivo from a carafe to let the wine breathe a little.

How we made this wine

The vines for Casa Marrone Primitivo were planted around 20-25 years ago. You will find them in the reddish, iron-rich soil of Puglia in southern Italy. From springtime when the first buds are bursting until August when the grapes are fully ripe, the vines enjoy long days with constant sunshine. Along with cool sea breezes from their crystal-blue neighbor, the Adriatic Sea. When nature is this kind, it is easy to grow with organic methods.

Primitivo is at home when grown in Puglia. ”Primo” means ”the first” in Italian, and Primitivo is in fact among the first red grape varieties to ripen. The resulting wines are deep in color and have smooth tannins. They reveal intense aromas of ripe cherries, blackberry, strawberry, cinnamon, and herbs. Nature’s gift to Primitivo is its high natural acidity, which helps to keep the wines fresh as they age.

Towards the third or fourth week of August the grapes are getting ready for harvest. After careful picking and a soft pressing, the grape skins spend 10-12 days with the juice to get its distinctive color and aroma. The wine is then aged in stainless steel and oak. We hope that you will enjoy the southern Italian soul that we tried to capture in each sip of Casa Marrone Primitivo.

  • Region of OriginPUGLIA, ITALY
  • Vintage2022
  • Alcohol %14%
  • Sugar1,1 g/100ml
  • Size3L