Wines made with organic grapes

We love our vineyards, the surrounding nature and the people who farm it. Therefore it comes natural to us to grow with organic methods. We do not use any pesticides, neither do we need chemical fertilizers. Casa Marrone wines sold in Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada are all certified according to the European Union’s code of organic farming. In the U.S. our wines are certified “made with organic grapes”, meaning that 100% of the grapes we use are USDA certified organically grown grapes.

Climate compensation by Solvatten

Our aim is to deliver the Casa Marrone wines to you in a way that has a minimal effect on the environment. To reduce the carbon footprint caused by transports, we invest in projects with a positive effect on climate and people in Eastern Africa through Solvatten.

Vegan friendly wines

Did you know that most wines are clarified before bottling? There are different ways of doing this, and some of them include using protein derived from animals. At Casa Marrone, we only use vegan friendly proteins to clarify our wines. For instance bentonite clay and plant casein. As a result, every bottle of Casa Marrone is vegan friendly.