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Casa Marrone Gran Marrone Appassimento

Generous and spicy with aromas of juicy black plum, dark chocolate and coffee. Like a nonna that invites you with open arms, Gran Marrone Appassimento has a rich and deep character.

Before arriving in your glass, all of our wines are sealed by hand with the traditional spago. "Spago” means string in Italian. The technique dates back to the time when it was used to hold the cork in place.


  • Gilbert & Gaillard Double Gold 2022

Food Pairing

That night in late August when cicadas are playing at the piazza, or to the stew that too you hours to prepare. Casa Marrone Gran Marrone Appassimento brings Italian power and depth to any moment that is special to you.

How we made this wine

At the heel of the Italian peninsula, neighbour with ancient stone houses and the Adriatic sea, you will find our vineyards. The grapes benefit from a dry and sunny summer. Salty sea breezes have a chilling effect, prolonging the growing season. Under these clear skies, it is easy to grow wine grapes with organic methods that are kind to nature.

To craft Gran Marrone, only the most ripe and concentrated grapes are chosen. It takes skill and experience to find the perfect grapes, and courage to make a strict selection. By mid-September, when daytime temperatures drop to around 25 degrees, it is time to begin the Appassimento process. Selected bunches are left to dry on the vine for two weeks. During this time, they lose around half of their weight and obtain aromas of dried fruit. The already concentrated grapes that were handpicked for Gran Marrone have now intensified to become the basis for an incredibly rich and powerful wine.

Once at the winery, the grapes will ferment to a finished wine and then spend some time in oak. The ageing will make the wine smoother and contribute with aromas of Madagascar vanilla, freshly grounded coffee and spice.

Gran Marrone Appassimento is made of grape varieties native to Puglia. Primitivo and Nero di Troia are local heroes that withstand the blazing sun with well kept aromas. The exact proportion of each grape variety will vary from one year to another, depending on the weather during growing season.

  • Region of OriginPUGLIA, ITALY
  • Vintage2021
  • Alcohol %14,5%
  • Sugar1,0 g/100ml