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Casa Marrone collection

Casa Marrone is more than a wine. It’s a way of life, inspired by the Italian mentality. A place where food is served whenever you feel like it. Where you invite the neighbors for dinner. Where the conversations go on long after the plates are empty. A place you can revisit in your mind over and over, through the taste of our wine. At Casa Marrone, we inspire you to enjoy life the Italian way. Where lunch never end, where family dinner turn into villages parties, and where pasta is not served with ketchup. Sayings that remind us to indulge in food, friends and family at all times possible.

Each bottle of Casa Marrone is made with intense passion and craft, lastly sealed by hand with the traditional spago that has become our signature. Using the best organic grapes, we produce a wine with beautiful flavors, for you to enjoy. Simply untie the spago and release the taste of Italy.

We are proud that our wines are produced through a close cooperation with CasaBotter, founded by Carlo and Maria Botter back in 1928 in the wine region of Veneto. Now managed by the third generation, traditional Italian winemaking techniques are integrated with modern innovation to produce exceptionally high-quality wines.

Welcome to Casa Marrone.