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Casa Marrone Pinot Grigio DOC

A Pinot Grigio wine from beautiful Veneto. Crisp and juicy with aromas of ripe citrus fruits, pear, and white peach. Why not try this Italian Casa Marrone Pinot Grigio as a refreshing aperitivo?

All wines from Casa Marrone are made with organic grapes.

Welcome to Casa Marrone!


Food Pairing

At Casa Marrone, one of the house rules is to always start dinner with an aperitivo. This crisp Pinot Grigio will help wake your appetite – and that of your guests. It is also a great company to seafood and pasta frutti di mare.

How we made this wine

If you travel westwards from Venice, you will soon enter a landscape of green hills covered with vines. At some of the highest parts, you may spot the ruins of old castles. Proof of that Veneto has since long been an important and powerful region. Not the least for growing and trading with wines. Cool winds from the Alps meet with mild air currents from lake Garda. These incessant breezes dry any humidity out of the vineyards and make it easy to grow with organic methods.

Pinot Grigio shares its family tree with Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc. It is in fact the same grape variety as Pinot Gris, as it is called in France. You will always recognize a Pinot Grigio from Veneto by its refreshing acidity and aromas of pear and ripe citrus fruits. Our vineyards were planted around 25 years ago in selected parcels rich in limestone.

In late August when the soft sun sets over the Venetian hillsides, it is harvesting time. We pick the grapes with great care as quickly as we can. In order to ensure that healthy and unbroken grapes arrive at the winery. After a gentle pressing, the fermentation can start. Always at a low temperature, always in tanks of stainless steel. We have learned that these techniques are the best way to bring you the fruity and crisp aromas true to a Venetian Pinot Grigio.

  • Vintage2022
  • Alcohol %12%
  • Sugar0,8 g/100ml
  • Size750ml