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casa marrone appassimento bianco

Experience the sun-ripened character of a white Appassimento! Casa Marrone Appassimento Bianco is a unique white Italian Appassimento in true traditional and Italian sprit. A wine made from grapes picked by hand which has dried under the Italian sun before harvest. A process that gives the wine its popular concentration. Before arriving in your glass, the wine is sealed by hand with the traditional spago. "Spago” means string in Italian. The technique dates back to the time when it was used to hold the cork in place.

The wine offers a flavorful and refreshing character with notes of Sun-ripened peach, mandarin, spicy notes of oak and fresh herbs. Casa Marrone Appassimento Bianco is a wine that invites you to experience the sun-ripened character of a white Appassimento.

All wines from Casa Marrone are made with organic grapes.

Welcome to Casa Marrone!


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Food Pairing

The wine goes well with a tasty grilled fish dish but due to its flavorful character it also serves well with lighter meat. Hence, serve it to friends who ask you if white wine goes with meat. To roasted chicken, or in the afternoon sunshine at the terrace.

How we made this wine

The vineyards where we grow the grapes to Casa Marrone Appassimento Bianco are intensely green with a thick foliage. We keep the leaves on the vine to protect the grapes from the sun. This is extra important when it comes to white wine grape varieties, since their skin is thin and delicate. It is also a natural way to prolong the growing season. So that the aromatics of mandarin, peach, pineapple, and white flowers can develop in the grapes over an extended period of time.

When the sea breezes from the Adriatic coast turn slightly cooler, it is time to think of the harvest. We begin to taste the grapes in the second week of August. At this point they have a fruity and juicy character that we will try to capture in each glass of Casa Marrone Appassimento Bianco. Now, to start the Appassimento process, we leave the grapes to dry for one week and up to 10 days. During this time the grapes lose about 15–20 % of their weight. Aromas, acidity, and sugars concentrate before the grapes are harvested and brought to the winery.

The grapes are then fermented carefully at a low temperature to maintain the fresh and fruity characteristics. Before it is time to put the wine inside the bottle, it will spend a few months of ageing in stainless steel. Finally, we seal each bottle by hand with the traditional spago.

  • Region of OriginPUGLIA, ITALY
  • Vintage2020
  • Alcohol %14,5%
  • Socker1,0 g/100ml
  • Storlek750ml