At Casa Marrone, we have been a leader in producing organic wines for many years, and we continue to drive this agenda.

For us, it is a fundamental philosophy of our business to work in a sustainable way and help create longevity for our lands and wines. We believe that producing wine in a sustainable and organic way is of better quality and has positive benefits for the environment, since organic wine is grown in a manner that protects the environment and preserves the life of both the soil and the vines. Our wines are of course all vegan friendly.

We CO2 compensate to reduce our carbon footprint from transportation through climate projects in Eastern Africa through the organization  It’s our belief that producing great wines does not have to have a negative effect on the environment, and we actively work to reduce our impact on the planet.

Organic wines are produced under the principles of organic farming which excludes the use of chemicals or pesticides. Casa Marrone wines sold in Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada are all Organic EU certified according to the European Union’s code of organic farming. In the U.S. our wines are certified “made with organic grapes”, meaning that 100% of the grapes we use are USDA certified organically grown grapes.

Casa Marrone Wines

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