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Inspired by the openness and warmth of Italy, our idea of winemaking is about adding good food, conversations and togetherness to everyday life. Each bottle of Casa Marrone is made with intense passion and craft, lastly sealed by hand with the traditional spago that has become our signature. Welcome to Casa Marrone.


A region of southeast Italy that dominates the ‘heel’ of the country, and has a rich history of wine production that can be traced all the way back to the ancient Greeks. Puglia produces a lot of wine each year from the three main grapes that grow in the region, Negroamaro, Primitivo (Zinfandel), Merlot and Sangiovese.

Throughout the region you will find the characteristic earth-colored houses and buildings, a traditional architecture that is found in the areas surrounding the vineyards where Casa Marrone grapes are grown. These old houses have often been in the same families for centuries, having been past down from generation to generation.

Puglia is a region of contrasts. It has both wide, open landscapes and rolling hills, when this is combined with its warm, dry climate that typically has cool nights, Puglia becomes an exceptional area for producing organic wines, and many think that some of the best examples of Italian wines come from this sun drenched, dry region.


In the northeastern part of Italy, we find the Veneto wine region, renowned for producing impressive red wines, Valpolicella and Amarone as well as refreshing whites, such as Pinot Grigio, Soave and Prosecco. There are many local grape varieties that can be found here, including corvina and garganega, and also some international grapes. The contrast in temperature between the daytime and nighttime helps to develop an aromatic intensity in the grapes.

The name “Veneto”, relates to a historic region of Italy, Triveneto, an area made up of what would become the “Venezia Euganea, Venezia Giulia and Venezia Tridentina” areas.

Veneto’s climate varies across the region. In the north west, there are cool temperatures and breezy conditions due to being more closely located to the Alps, the influence of the mountain climate helps to maintain the fresh acidity in the wines, such as our Pinot Grigio. While the warmer Adriatic coastal plains in the east of the region, is suited to producing the famous reds.

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