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Casa Marrone Blanc de Blancs Brut

Celebrate la dolce vita with this Blanc de Blancs. A sparkling Chardonnay aged in French oak, adding luxury richness to the crisp flavors of sorrento lemon, green apples, pear and almond.


Food Pairing

At Casa Marrone, it’s always time for an aperitivo. These creamy bubbles pair well with starters, seafood and sunny afternoons on the patio.

Taste description

"An elegant and fruity dry wine with flavours of golden apples, peach and sunny citrus. A delicate mousse and softness" - Massimo, winemaker

How we made this wine

The French expression Blanc de Blancs translates to a white wine made of white grape varieties. Chardonnay is without any doubt the most emblematic grape variety used to craft this wine style, not the least in Champagne in northern France.

Casa Marrone Blanc de Blancs Brut is a sparkling wine made of 100 % Chardonnay. The grapes were grown on hillside vineyards at up to 300 meters of altitude in Puglia. With a stunning view over olive trees and bright, calcareous soils, these Chardonnay grapes benefit from a long growing season.

Finding the right day to harvest is a delicate decision. The balance between acidity and ripeness must be perfect. By combining modern technology with the esperienza that comes from many years of wine growing in the are, we try to harvest each vineyard at the optimal moment. The harvest is carried out by hand, early in the morning.

When arriving to the winery, the grapes are carefully fermented to a still wine. To add a rich and creamy texture to Casa Marrone Blanc de Blancs, the wine is aged for three months in barriques of French oak. Then it is time for the wine to get its bubbles. The oak-aged wine is transferred to a pressure tank of stainless steel to ferment a second time according to the Martinotti method.

When the desired level of pressure, alcohol and sugars are obtained, we bottle Casa Marrone Blanc de Blancs in its distinctive bottle and seal it by hand with spago.

  • Region of OriginItalia
  • GrapesChardonnay
  • VintageNV
  • Alcohol %12%
  • Sugar0,9 g/100ml
  • Size750ml